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The Alchemy of Wellbeing 


Heathen Art and Style

Low Income Assistance and Benefits

aily Appreciation and Gratitude

Pole Dance Art and Style

Defunct (online) businesses that I started/ran in the past:

  • Monetized multiple content websites with ads: wrote blogs, aggregated content, promoted user-generated content, offered service sites for free while revenue was made via monetization.
  • EZOMM – EZ Online Media Marketing, online traffic and marketing
  • Domaining acquired and sold domain names.
  • Website design and planning: Guided clients with finding a domain name, all the way to installing blogs and commerce platforms.
  • Marine and Auto .com – electronics store (did well but I ran out of time)
  • Excellent Supplements .com – supplement store (selling supplements online is a very competitive / saturated niche)
  • Language Experts Intl (LEI) – translation and interpreting
  • Coupons – coupon aggregation (ran on Drupal)
  • Finest Buys .com – online store (ran on oscommerce)

Defunct website & social projects:

  • Fragile Earth – My first website ever (Created January 1st, 1998)
  • Prediction CentralForum: where people predict/discuss the future of politics, events, science etc (ran on phpbb)
  • Finest InspirationsSite: inspiring words and wisdom
  • –  The Twin Cities Encyclopedia  .. Wikipedia for the TC region (a wiki site)
  • The insiders encyclopedia – A free wiki-style nation-wide local directory (ran on Drupal)
    insiders pedia
  • Ethanol websites – Multiple websites that linked to ethanol resources, technology, news, including an Ethanol directory site. I closed all of the sites starting in 2011 after I had a change of heart towards Ethanol as a fuel. I now prefer “electricity” as a fuel.
  • I Am Domain sold to a non profit film in 2013 )) Used to be a One-Page website that promotes taking a minute, relaxation, and breathing deeply.
  • I Am – ((Note: Domain sold to a private party March 2014.)) Was a website similar to Craig’s List where people exchanged helpful services.
  • Save The – I built this site for Winona LaDuke, as of June 2013 it is no longer online. (banner shown below)



Nature Photography:

Ethan's Photography
Photos I’ve taken
Free Photos!

Think outside the box, outside of books, outside the Universe..


Save the Seeds

I built and host this website for Winona LaDuke
Visit the site, spread the word, support saving our seeds from corporate ownership



Things I sold online on eBay, Amazon and my own e-commerce websites:

  • Used books sold when I attended college
  • Supplements and vitamins from many vendors drop-shipped and from my inventory
  • Antiques bought at garage sales and thrift stores, sold on eBay
  • Books I found at garage sales and thrift stores, sold on Amazon
  • Leather bags and luggage from Pedro Companies sold on eBay
  • Dashboard holders from Bracketron
  • Marine electronics (drop-shipped) electronics
  • GPS devices
  • in 2014A couple essential oil bottles I made myself.

Potential future items to sell:

  • colloidal silver and colloidal gold
  • oils of metals
  • oils of plants

Other projects:

  • Natural Spiritual, Nature Spirituality meetup group 2010-2011, and 2014-present (social / outdoors / spiritual / meditative)  group name and mission statement might be changing ..
  • Minnesota Solitude group 2012 / closed.



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The Sun Now (live view)


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